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Exelon is an oral capsule medication for the oral purpose that contains generic Rivastigmine Tartrate. The drug is indicated for treating following disorder:

  • Mild to moderate Dementia of Alzheimer disease.
  • Mild to moderate dementia of Parkinson's disease.

The drug is US approved medicament. The drug helps in treating Dementia associated in both Parkinsonism and Alzheimer effectively.


How the drug Exelon actually works?

The drug Exelon increases the cholinergic activity, not only this it also increases the concentration of Acetylcholine by promoting the reversible inhibition of Acetylcholine to Cholinesterase. So, there might be effect of generic Rivastigmine, which has controlled the dementia disorder.

Who cannot take the drug Exelon?

If you are experiencing any sort of hypersensitivity or having any history of allergy to the content of the medicament or core drug of Exelon then you should not use the drug.

Which drug can show drug interaction?

The following drugs show potential effect on the activity of Exelon. So, you should avoid following medication:

  • Metoclopramide
  • Cholinomimetic and Anticholinergic Medications like (Oxybutynin, Tolterodine)
  • Beta-blockers which shows Additive bradycardic effects (Atenolol)
  • One should not use NSAID's like Naproxen, aspirin like pain relievers should be avoided.


How to keep the drug safe while you store the drug Exelon?

  • Keep the drug in cool and moisture free area.
  • Avoid direct exposure of heat and light to the capsule of Exelon.

A guide to the proper way to take Exelon?

  • The drug is served in solid dosage form served in capsule form having 1.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg and 6mg.
  • You can take the capsule orally with water and have the drug without any concern of meal.
  • You can start the dose initially with 1.5mg twice a day. According to the patient's tolerance you can extend the dose up to 6mg twice a day.
  • Do not crush or chew the medication while administering the medication.

What are the side effects that can be seen after taking Exelon?

You can experience Vomiting, abdominal cramp and loss appetite while having the medication and Nausea and diarrhea is also reported in some patients.


What are the warning indications for the user of Exelon?

  • You may notice GIT disturbance and GERD disorder, Allergic dermatitis and genitourinary disorder is seen in certain patients as adverse reaction.
  • You should not drive a vehicle after having Exelon capsule as it promotes dizziness and sleep after administration.
  • Patient may feel compromised to perform certain task that are related to focus.
  • One may notice decreased pulmonary output and risk of bradycardia.
  • Patient may also experience difficulty in urination


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