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Follwing are the PREGNANCY TIPS:

  • Eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water in order to remain healthy
  • Avoid intake of things which might be harmful to you such as intake of alcohol and tobacco products
  • Avoid using any medications that might cause you any type of allergic reactions
  • Avoid use of any intrauterine device while using any medication such as abortion pills or birth control pills
  • Avoid use of any over the counter medication, herbal or dietary supplements while using this medication
  • Try to minimize stress in your life by yoga, deep breathing and other stress management techniques
  • Get plenty of rest in order to maintain a good and healthy life
  • Avoid intercourse with the partner for about 2 weeks after abortion
  • Abortion pills and birth control pills are not recommended for females below 16 years of age
  • Maintain a proper hygiene level before and after using the pills


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