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HCG Pregnyl 5000 iu

Pregnyl-HCG 5000IU

human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) 5000IU

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Pregnyl HCG 5000IU

Pregnyl HCG 5000IU enfolds the generic drug called Human chorionic gonadotropin. It is most widely accepted and doctors prescribed treatment for infertility in both males as well as females.

Therapeutic Category:

  1. Gonadotropin releasing hormone

  2. Estrogen antagonists

  3. Gonadotropin

 For females, who have undergone menopause, this is an amazing remedy to regain fertility by inducing ovulation naturally. Moreover, the medication is capable of increasing the sperm count in males also. And amongst young boys, it aids for easy testicles drop in the scrotum.

The Mechanism -

HCG stands for  - Human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormones mimics action of Luteinizing hormone. It aids in the stimulation of gonadal steroid, by activating the interstitial cells of the testis. This reaction in the male testis further leads to the production of androgen.

 In females, it stimulates the corpus luteum of the ovaries. It produces the progesterone hormone necessary for the pregnancy continuation. Progesterone also stimulates the FSH activity, this helps in the ovulation process.

The Dosing Regimen -

Pregnyl hcg 5000iu injections are administered under the skin or into the muscle. The best recommended dosage of Pregnyl hcg: 5000-10,000IU.

 Infertile females are advised to take medications at the mid of the cycle after taking the last dose of Menotropins. For men dealing hypogonadism should take 500-1000 units IM of Pregnyl three times a week for three weeks followed. The same dose can be further continued twice a week for another 3 weeks. For the problem of Prepubertal Cryptorchidism, take 4000 units IM 3 times a week for 3 weeks or 5000 units IM  on every alternating day for 4 injections.

Contraindications with Pregnyl 5000IU -

  1. DO NOT use Pregnyl 5000IU injection if you are sensitive to any it's ingredients.

  2. Pregnant woman Should Not administer Pregnyl.

  3. Do not consume alcoholic drinks, sedatives or grapefruit juice along with Pregnyl.

Drugs interaction -

  • Drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS: Atazanavir, Ritonavir, and Indinavir

  • Medicines helpful in treating high blood pressure or prostate disorder

  • Antibiotic drugs: Erythromycin, Clarithromycin

  • Antifungal medicines: Ketoconazole, Itraconazole

Is there any Health Risk of Pregnyl?

Some undesired consequence are observed while consuming this medicine such as a annoyance, faintness, sensitive reactions, breast tenderness, agitation, ache or swelling at the site of injection, bloating of the stomach, constipation, and exhaustion.

Essential precautionary measure while using Pregnyl:

  • Avoid Pregnyl hcg 5000iu if you have a history of heart disease, kidney, liver disorder, seizures or asthmatic problems.

  • Do not miss any dose while continuing the treatment.

  • Do not reuse the needles as it can lead to serious diseases.

Overcome Infertility with Pregnyl hcg 5000IU Regimen - 

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best treatment for infertility Review by Angela
Pregnyl is the best treatment for the treatment of infertility issues. Use this and get rid of infertility. (Posted on 12/1/17)

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