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filitra 40mg

Filitra 40 MG | Vardenafil 40MG

Vardenafil Generic Filitra 40mg

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Erection is such a default that makes a person becomes sensually deprived. Due to no sensual engagement, the partners remain away from each other. This lackness in your physical chemistry keeps you away from your partner. This results in sadness and depression. To obstruct this happening of erection loss, use Filitra and see the improvement in your sensual lives.

Have a look into the mode of action with which this medicine functions inside your body

The Vardenafil in it is categorized under phosphodiesterase inhibitor class and it shows its working by obstructing PDE5 work. PDE5 enzyme leads to crack down of cGMP and so there will remain inadequate cGMP, which lessens down the vasodilation process. This medicine after obstructing PDE5 work will boost up cGMP in penile region inducing vasodilation process and so fastens blood flow to vessels bringing about an erection.

Have a look through the dosing structure regarding the Filitra

STRENGTHS: This medicine can be obtained as 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg strength.

One must engulf single tablet prior to one hour of planned intimacy session. The activity begins to occur within 30 minutes and remains for a time of about 4-5 hours. Your next dose can be taken only after the duration of about 24 hours. One can take it with or without meals. Take it orally with water.

Have a look through the contraindications that has to be followed always


  • Use when feeling any sensitivity towards this medicine
  • Use when falling under 18 years of age
  • Use when also using Nitrate form of medicines

Have a look through the precautions that has to be kept following always

  • Keep yourself away from grapefruit juices and alcohol as those bring worse effects.
  • Shun consumption of fatty meals, as this will slow down your absorption of the drug.
  • The possibility of dizziness is there so one should stay away from driving or operating machinery.
  • Do not intake larger or smaller than required dosages.
  • Cardiac patients must take it only after doctor permission.

Have a look through the aftereffects that can be seen with this medicine

Some ill effects that are quite possible with this medicine are as shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, flushing, painful erection, muscle pain, back pain, and dizziness. In severe symptoms like severe pain while erection, you must immediately report your doctor and cease using the medicine.

Have a look through the storage requirements of this medicine

Do keep storing it at a place that is away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Keep out of children reach.

Do know the exact place from where you must obtain Filitra

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