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Womens Health

Taking care of her personal wellbeing is often the last thing on a woman’s mind. The imperative demands of their family and their professional lives deprive them of living a healthy life. Additionally, they are generally at least to some extent in charge of the health needs of others. However, they cannot take care of others if they neglect themselves. Women's health refers to the health of women, which vary from that of men in various unique ways.

Women usually suffer from diseases specific to their gender. Of course, some diseases or issues such as menopausal disorder, menstrual complaints, and certain vaginal problems are extremely common in women alone. Women may face some menstrual complaints at some point of their life, like Amenorrhea (absence of a period), heavy menstrual bleeding, unusual vaginal bleeding, and painful periods (dysmenorrhea). We are offering some safe medication to handle menstrual complaints, like Provera, Medroxyprogesterone.

Not all, but some women may suffer from menopausal disorder accompanied with various unbearable or terrifying symptoms including hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, burning, and irritation. Apart from this, osteoporosis is a most common dysfunction associated with postmenopausal symptoms. Therefore, we offer several products to increase the general well-being of the post-menopausal women, like Prometrium, Premarin, Vagifem, Progynon depot.Vaginal thrush is very common in women that occur due to yeast infection. It may cause unpleasant and uncomfortable in women along with certain symptoms including vulval itching, soreness or irritation, vaginal discharge, inflammation of the vagina. We offer Canesten cream as a solution for vaginal thrush.

Nothing hurts more than the pain of infertility. When a woman fails to bear children, it massively affects her individuality and personal relationships. Luckily, we offer some safe and reliable medications, which help a woman to conceive, like Pregnyl, Ovidac, HUCOG, Clomid.




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